4 Benefits of Building New Homes in Daytona Beach FL on Your Lot

Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 1:49PM

4 Benefits of Building New Homes in Daytona Beach FL on Your Lot

Beautiful neighborhoods packed with customizable homes always carry an undeniable charm; amenities, local attractions, and a sense of community with your neighbors all feel inviting. However, whether you already have a lot of your own or are trying to find one in that dreamy location, you are still able to get the same high standards and lavish features that come in every Fretwell home – wherever you want it! If your idea of paradise is somewhere tucked away on a private parcel of land, then continue reading to learn 4 benefits of building a new home on your lot.


Location is Key

Owning a home in a community inherently locks you into that location. Yes, the home may include everything that was on your must-have list and there may be an incredible assortment of amenities available to you, but there is no flexibility as to where your house was built. By building on your lot, we can bring your dream home to just about anywhere! Enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with building a home overlooking a beautiful river or lake, surrounded by as much natural beauty as you want.

Get Everything You Ask For

When you own your own lot of land, the only limit on your home is your imagination! So long as the area has all the conditions we need to build your Daytona Beach home, it can be done to the tee of your vision without the inhibitions of neighboring homes. By building on your own lot, you can enjoy a much wider scope of customization for not just your home, but your entire outdoor areas well. Guesthouses, detached garages, even sand volleyball courts – all are possible for your very own home!

Feel Connected to Your Home

There is not much like the feeling of moving into a new home because homeowners know that this is the space that they will get to live in and make their own, but there is something even more special about living in a home that is built to fit your lifestyle on a piece of land that you chose. What once may have just been a clearing among trees is now where you and your family will grow for years to come, and that kind of intangible feeling fosters an emotional connection to your home. Building on your own lot allows your vision to be built scratch-made from the ground up, and that is something you will never forget.

Build on a Blank Canvas

Of course, none of this would be possible without a trusted home builder to guide the process. Whether you already have a lot or are trying to find one in that perfect location, Greg Fretwell and our team can help you create a truly customized home wherever you envision it. By listening to what matters most to you, and by involving ourselves in your process from start to finish, we will help you perfect the plan for your soon-to-be dream home. Being a builder for over 18 years, Fretwell Homes has experience building throughout Volusia County and we are the leading home builders to help you bring your passion to life in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and beyond

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How helpful that you talk about the benefits of building a home on land you own. I am building my dream home his summer. I will find a wonderful new home builder in the area.
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