On-Your-Lot Homes: Where To Begin & How To Buy Land

Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 12:03PM

On-Your-Lot Homes: Where To Begin & How To Buy Land

If you’re dreaming of building a new home in Ormond Beach in the ideal location for you and your family, then you may be considering building on your own lot. Plus, if you’re working with Ormond Beach home builders, like Fretwell Homes, they can help walk you through the process and make sure your home is exactly how you’ve imagined it in your perfect location. But before you get to live in your dream custom home built by the experts, you have to secure the land you want to build on, and we’re here to help! Read on for our guide to on-your-lot homes and how to buy land.


Cash or Financing?

A great first step to buying land is to decide whether you are going to pay cash for it or take out a land or lot loan. Talking to a lender can help you decide what the best option for you is. There are a variety of different routes to take when financing, too, and when you’re also considering building a home, working in the discussion of money for a home is a great idea!


Research The Zoning Limitations

Not every lot or land for sale is necessarily allowed to have a home built on it. There is a difference between commercial parcels and residential parcels, and if you’re looking for land to build your dream home on, you are going to want to look at residential parcels. There is such thing as rezoning land to try and get a commercial lot rezoned as a residential lot, but it can be a difficult process. Know your options!


Where Are The Utility Hookups?

Some lots have utility hookups nearby to help you get utilities to your home, especially if you are near a neighborhood or other residential areas. But some do not. Knowing where those utility hookups are in proximity to the land or if there are any at all, can help you decide whether that lot is the right one for you. Adding utility hookups is possible, but just make sure you work that into your budget.


Know Your Dimensions

When buying land, it is important to know the dimensions of that property. This will help you decide if it is not only big enough for the home you wish to build but also what the boundary lines are. Another factor the size, shape and dimensions of your property will help you with is setback ordinances. These are the laws that require a structure to be a certain distance from your property lines. Knowing your property lines will help you follow the setback ordinances of your county!


Work With Trusted Home Builders

There are a variety of factors that go into building a home once you have your land. That’s why working with the right home builders in Ormond Beach can help assure that everything your doing is up-to-code and permitted. Plus, when you work with the best home builders in Ormond Beach, you can stand confident that the land you just bought won’t go to waste, It will have the beautiful home of your dreams on it!


Building a home in Ormond Beach should be an exciting process, especially when you are working with Fretwell Homes, Ormond Beach’s trusted home building experts. And with our guide to the land-buying process, you can get started with build your dream on-your-lot home in Ormond Beach and beyond. If you have more questions, give us a call today and we will be happy to help!

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