Hunter’s Ridge Ormond Beach: 4 Benefits of Community Amenities

Fri, Apr 02, 2021 at 1:50PM

Hunter’s Ridge Ormond Beach: 4 Benefits of Community Amenities

Luxury living communities are often filled with amenities to keep residents socially and physically fit, and Briargate at Hunter’s Ridge is no different. Here, our homeowners enjoy access to the Hunter’s Ridge community’s plentiful amenities, including two swimming pools, a tennis court, and even a fishing pier, among others. Now more than ever, homebuyers are taking community amenities into account before making their purchase – continue reading to learn why they are so important to life at Briargate.

Creating a Sense of Community

Having a common area for residents to come together presents opportunities for both spontaneous and planned social interactions. This is especially valuable for community newcomers to feel a sense of integration into their new home right away. Moving into a new community can sometimes leave residents feeling isolated or lonely but getting out and meeting people is sure to dispel those feelings, and the fully-equipped clubhouse plus numerous parks at Hunter’s Ridge offer incredible opportunities to meet your neighbors.

Rekindling a Lost Passion…

Having a plethora of amenities that are so easily accessible is sure to stir the imagination of residents. Perhaps you love playing tennis but have not had access to a proper court in years, or maybe you used to go canoeing in your younger years but haven’t been able to get back out on the water in a long time. That is no problem at Hunter’s Ridge – our community includes access to a tennis court and canoe launch. We empower and encourage our residents to pick up their old pastimes and enjoy them to their fullest extent.

…Or Finding a New One

Lacking experience with a specific hobby is no reason not to get out and try something new. With so many amenities available to residents – ranging from a baseball field, basketball court, and more – we make it convenient to discover your next passion. Even if it is something that has never crossed your mind before, all it takes is going out and trying it once to discover whether or not you love it. The amenities at Hunter’s Ridge are sure to encourage constant exploration of new activities that are never too far away.

Staying Healthy

At Fretwell Homes, we understand that health is a lifelong commitment. In order to live your best life, it is necessary to have access to amenities like fitness centers, walking sidewalks, and other recreational sporting to encourage physical and social fitness. With these amenities offered on-site, there is no reason to skip out on workouts anymore because fitness is accessible to all residents. Furthermore, given the scope of amenities, our residents enjoy a wide array of exercise options so that everyone can find the best fit for them, whether that be a morning jog through the neighborhood or a match of soccer.

At Briargate, you can enjoy luxury living and unbeatable proximity to important amenities within the Hunter’s Ridge community. Not only do we build homes of the highest quality with numerous features included, including top-notch energy efficiency, but we are also developing a community with the safety of your family in mind. If you are interested in joining the incredible community at Briargate at Hunter’s Ridge, contact Fretwell Homes today! There are limited lots left – don’t miss this opportunity to live in a beautiful community chock full of top-notch amenities.


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