Save Money and Live Better with a Volusia County BuildSmart New Home

Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 1:43PM

Save Money and Live Better with a Volusia County BuildSmart New Home

New homeowners have just finished making an investment into their own quality of life for years to come – who wants to spend even more money after that? Living in a BuildSmart-certified home means incorporating new home energy technologies to cut back on the cost of living while also being better for the health of the earth and your lifestyle, and every Fretwell home is certified by Florida Power & Light to comply with these higher standards! Read on to learn more about how living in a Fretwell home will save you money in addition to offering you all the comfort and luxury you could need.


Consistent Quality of Life

An energy-efficient home is sure to give you a more consistent way of living by eradicating factors that may be compromising your current home. Being comfortable in your own home is one of the highest priorities for most homeowners, and energy-efficient homes are more effective at maintaining an even temperature. A house with poor insulation or leaky windows may have pockets of hotter and cooler air throughout, which causes a fluctuating temperature and your air conditioner running more often. BuildSmart homes will keep your temperature of choice even throughout the entire home.

Lower Monthly Bills

According to Florida Power & Light, BuildSmart homes save up to 30% on energy bills compared to homes that simply comply with the Florida building code. By investing in a BuildSmart home, you are ensuring that your post-construction costs will be cheaper than ever while living a consistent and comfortable lifestyle! The temperature of your home and the energy expended within your home will always remain sealed within that vacuum and you will not have to worry about money escaping through a drafty doorway when temperatures change.

Build a Better Earth for the Future

An energy-efficient home built by Fretwell Homes will deliver you the life you always dreamed of while leaving the smallest carbon footprint of any home you have ever owned before. BuildSmart homes consume less power than a typical household, which means that less carbon is going into the air from the power plants fueling these homes. According to the Department of Energy, fossil fuel supplies a majority of the residential energy that we consume and less of that means a longer-lasting world for ourselves and our future generations. Our homeowners can sleep easy at night knowing that they are responsible for much lower amounts of carbon entering the atmosphere.

Boost Your Property Value

Energy efficiency is a highly sought-after trait of many home buyers, which means BuildSmart homes will stand apart from the crowd if, or when, the time comes to sell. According to studies, energy-efficient appliances and home ratings are two of the most desirable elements in a home. Just as you will save money and live a higher quality of life in a BuildSmart home, so too will the home buyers of the future. Investing in energy efficiency is sure to boost the value of your property and earn a higher resale value if that time comes.


When choosing a Volusia County custom home builder, it is important to choose one that understands the value and importance of energy efficiency. Fretwell homes are built with the owner and energy efficiency in mind, and we offer plenty of floor plans and a host of personalized choices to enhance what would already be a magnificent home. Experience quality by design and visit a Fretwell Homes model to see how we can improve your way of life and save you money with your dream home.

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