Rain, Rain, Go Away: How to Storm-Proof New Homes in Daytona Beach

Thu, Jul 08, 2021 at 5:35PM

Rain, Rain, Go Away: How to Storm-Proof New Homes in Daytona Beach

Severe weather activity is becoming more commonplace with each passing year and owners of new homes in Daytona Beach Florida must plan accordingly. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season spawned 30 named storms – a staggering figure that was 2.5 times the average of 12. With this year’s season having started on June 1st, there’s no time like the present to hurricane-proof new homes in Daytona Beach FL!

Fortify Your Home with Impact Resistant Windows and Doors or Shutters…

During major storms, one of the most dangerous factors to consider is flying debris. Hurricane-force winds can pick up yard furniture, décor, and even tree branches to use as missiles. Without proper reinforcement, doors and windows won’t protect you from much! Consider installing storm shutters over your windows for hurricane season to make sure they stay intact during severe weather.

…and Don’t Forget the Garage Door, Too

Garage doors often prove to be highly vulnerable during hurricanes. This is because their vast amount of surface area serves as a punching bag for storm-force winds, bearing the brunt of their fury. If the garage door goes down, your home becomes dangerously susceptible to severe weather inside – which can even blow the roof off! Make sure your garage door is braced and prepared for strong winds. All of Fretwell Homes' new homes in Daytona Beach FL have garage doors that pass wind load requirements.

Remove All Debris and Other Dangerous Items

As we said above, hurricane winds are likely to use anything that they can pick up as a weapon against your home. Start by scouring your yard carefully for all furniture and loose items, then make a list of everything you keep outside. When a storm is on its way, you’ll need to either bring all these things inside or secure them to the ground. Then, remove all the dead branches from your trees – these are sure to tear off in a storm and lash at your roof and windows.

Provide Ample Opportunity for Water to Escape

Hurricanes typically produce rainfall of six to 12 inches. Over such a short period of time, this often results in severe flooding. If this rainwater is not provided with adequate avenues of escape, it is more likely to accumulate in roofs and attics. Before the first drop of rain falls, inspect all your downspouts and gutters to make sure they are completely clear. The health of your home will be grateful for it!

Stock Up on the Basics

Hurricanes may bring down power lines, which can cut off your access to electricity for anywhere between a few hours to a few days. We recommend keeping at least a three-day supply of emergency items on hand to ensure comfort and livability after a hurricane if the power goes out. Stock up on batteries, candles, potable water, and nonperishable foods well in advance of any hurricane.

A little preparation today can make all the difference when the first Atlantic hurricane makes landfall. The best time to storm-proof your home is well before any severe weather occurs – so why not start today? When you live in new homes in Volusia County built by Fretwell Homes, you can rest assured knowing that your home has been built to exceed local building codes. As your #1 home builders in Daytona Beach FL, we design every home to be owner-friendly and to withstand Florida’s extreme weather. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

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