Home Maintenance Tips for the Florida Climate

Mon, Sep 25, 2023 at 11:55AM

Home Maintenance Tips for the Florida Climate

Florida's weather is one of its biggest attractions, drawing visitors and residents to the Sunshine State. But living in Ormond Beach and other parts of Florida can come with unique challenges in terms of home maintenance. Humidity, salt air, and storms are all factors that homeowners in Ormond Beach will need to take into consideration when maintaining your home. At Fretwell Homes, we build houses with the Florida climate in mind, and we’re here to share some essential tips to assure your home’s beauty and longevity.

Combatting Humidity

Combatting the Florida humidity can seem like an impossible task for some homeowners. However, we’re here to help! Investing in a dehumidifier for your home is a great way to maintain a comfortable environment and prevent mold. Another step you can take is to make sure that bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas all have proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. Using exhaust fans can be a game- changer for these areas. Lastly, make sure you are regularly checking for leaks. Even the smallest leak can lead to mold and mildew issues. Some key places to check are under sinks, around toilets, and anywhere that a water line runs.

Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Being prepared for storms and hurricanes is a crucial part of owning a home in Florida, especially on the coast. Window protection is a large component of this process. Depending on your location, installing hurricane shutters or impact-resistant windows may be something to consider to protect your home during the storm season. It is also important to have your room inspected both before and after the storm season. The inspector will check for loose tiles, shingles, or potential leak areas. Also, if a storm is forecasted to impact your area, don’t forget to secure all your outdoor items, such as furniture and deĢcor.

Salt Air Maintenance

Salt air represents an ongoing need for maintenance, as salt can corrode certain materials. By rinsing the exterior fixtures of your home such as windows, you can combat this. Choosing the right paint is also something to take into consideration. When choosing a paint color for your home, opt for something specific for coastal environments that is designed to resist the salty air better than standard paint.

Landscaping in the Florida Climate

Choosing the proper plants to have in your yard in Florida should be considered an art. However, choosing native plants to Florida is always a safe bet. This includes plants like sea oats and blanket flowers that are salt resistant and drought resistant; overall, they require less maintenance. In terms of maintenance, it’s a good idea to keep up with trimming your trees regularly in order to prevent damage during storms and reduce debris.

If you don’t own a newer home, your AC unit has most likely given you issues in the past. If you are looking for another reason to purchase a new home or build one on a lot you already own, we’re here to help. At Fretwell Homes, we equip you with the latest and greatest air conditioning systems in order to ensure your AC maintenance is at a minimum. However, it is always good to check and replace AC filters during the peak usage month to ensure optimum airflow and air quality for your home.

Remember, proactive maintenance can save time, money, and stress in the long run. By considering the unique challenges presented by Florida's climate, you can keep your Fretwell home in pristine condition for years to come. We're always here to assist, advise, and ensure you enjoy the Floridian lifestyle without the maintenance woes! Contact us today to start the process of getting into your dream home

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