4 Coastal-Inspired Design Ideas from Your Go-To Custom Home Builders in Volusia County

Fri, May 28, 2021 at 11:10AM

4 Coastal-Inspired Design Ideas from Your Go-To Custom Home Builders in Volusia County

Despite the troubling circumstances that so many of us have endured over the past year, Volusia County still had no trouble attracting bevies of guests throughout 2020. In fact, 7.2 million tourists visited our vibrant coastal community over the course of the year! Of course, that figure does not even include the over 550,000 residents that call Volusia County home. Our county’s 47 miles of beaches make life here feel like a vacation, and all it takes is following these four design ideas to fill your new homes in Volusia County with that tropical getaway feel – just read on to learn more!

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring in some natural elements to instantly breathe life into your new homes in Ormond Beach, FL. Think elements like driftwood, natural greenery, shells, flowers, and more. Ask yourself: what does a day at the beach look like to me? How does it smell? For some, it may be a pitcher of fresh-picked flowers. For others, maybe a plate of fresh fruit. Conjure up whatever comes into your mind and bring that into your home.

Let in the Light

Our tropical environment wouldn’t be quite the same without our abundance of year-round sunshine! Besides adding a beautiful glow to everything under the sun, natural light also provides several measurable health benefits – improved sleep, boosts of vitamin D, and reduced likelihood of depression, just to name a few. The takeaway here is to open things up and let that natural light in! Swap out heavy curtains for sheers, utilize screen doors, and don’t be afraid to add white elements to spaces that might have darker colors.

Bring the Textures of the Beach Inside

A day at the beach isn’t complete without toes buried in the sand. Coastal style is all about those textures that you find by the ocean, like grainy sand, wispy grass, and rough edges of shells. Fortunately, you don’t have to cover the floor with sand to bring those textures into your home. Consider laying down some new seagrass rugs and filling clear bowls with shells or rocks. You can even make a whole day of it by visiting your favorite spot on the beach with loved ones to collect shells for your new coffee table centerpiece!

Introduce Coastal Colors

Transforming your space into a coastal retreat doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. In fact, you can accomplish this transition in one weekend with the right choice of paint! Choose softer colors that invoke those fuzzy feelings on a dreamy summer day, like soft blues of the ocean, gentle yellows of the sun, and subtle grays of the clouds. Besides painting, you can accomplish the same effect by decorating your interior with seasonal flowers, colorful pillows, patterned dishes, and bright furniture slipovers that fill your space with those same coastal colors.

When bringing the beach into your new homes in Volusia County, the key is to keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be any kind of grand undertaking, just keep things natural and let your bright decorations pop! The point is to ease that transition from outside to inside so that you can still enjoy the tropical getaway atmosphere of Ormond Beach FL new homes every day of the year. For any help finding a new home in our beautiful coastal community, contact Fretwell Homes to learn more about our premier offerings in Hunter’s Ridge, Ormond Beach. We even bring our high standards and quality features to your own lot! Depend on Fretwell Homes to help you create a truly custom home.

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