3 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 11:40AM

3 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder


Constructing a custom home is an exciting time. However, it involves making several choices that affect the final product. Perhaps, the most critical decision is choosing the custom home builder.

Choosing custom home builders in Daytona Beach, Florida, can be challenging. You need your builder to check all the boxes, so you know they'll meet your needs. However, you might not know the essential questions to ask before choosing.

At Fretwell Homes, we're experts in constructing new homes in Daytona Beach. So, we've created a list of the top three questions every new homeowner should ask.

Questions for New Home Builders in Daytona Beach, Florida

Always ask your potential builder to walk you through their process from start to finish. It will help you understand how organized they are, how involved you'll be, and how well they may receive input. But here are three essential questions to ask your home builder.

1. What Is Your Experience?

It may be your first time building a new home, but you'll want to know that your potential builder has adequate experience. Ask them how long they've been in business and their history of completing similar-sized projects you're considering.

It's okay to request examples of finished products. They may show you pictures but visiting a finished home will give you a better idea of their skills. Having faith in your builder is key to successfully constructing your custom home. You'll need to rely on their expertise for guidance.

You can take additional steps to ensure your home builder is qualified and skilled in their craft. Ensuring they have the proper license in your state will protect you from potential issues in the future. 

2. Do You Have Previous Clients for References? 

You can learn a lot about a business by talking to previous clients. They may offer you testimonials to review, but you'll learn even more by talking to them in person. Knowing if they are happy with their home is good, but you'll want to understand what it's like to work with the company. 

Talking with previous clients will help you understand the builder's quality of work, timeline, and communication skills. You can also ask about any issues during their project and how the builder handled the situation.    

3. What Is the Estimated Time for Completion? 

Constructing a custom home can take a long time. You make numerous decisions along the way, and you may occasionally change your mind about some details. Discussing a schedule before beginning construction will ensure you and your home builder are on the same page.

For example, when do you need to decide on bathroom cabinets, kitchen wallpaper, paint colors, and other interior design choices? Talk to your construction team ahead of time to help keep everyone on the same schedule. After all, communication is the key to an effective, stress-free process.

Asking these questions of potential home builders will build the foundation for your relationship and prepare your family for their new home!


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