5 Traits of Quality Custom Home Builders in Volusia County FL

Fri, May 28, 2021 at 11:09AM

5 Traits of Quality Custom Home Builders in Volusia County FL

Building a custom new home is more than an investment into your dream house – it’s an investment into a home builder, as well! Your choice will dictate the longevity of the project and quality of the results so being picky isn’t a nuisance, it’s simply the right thing to do. To ensure that you are making the best choice with your investment, look for these five key traits of standout home builders in Ormond Beach, FL!

One-Stop Shop for New Homes in Ormond Beach, Florida

Nobody would like to visit three different grocery stores to find the ingredients for one meal. Though they may be different worlds, home construction is no different! Finding home builders in Volusia County who cover the extent of the entire project is sure to yield more effective communication and more efficient work. Plus, any unexpected problems will be easier to handle without a middleman! After listening to your unique wants and needs, Fretwell Homes handpicks and works with a select team of qualified subcontractors to deliver the exact home of your dreams.

Flexibility and Customization

Unlike tract homes (think cookie cutter construction on a tract of land), custom homes are highly sought after because their features can be tailored to the specific requests of each customer. Ask each builder how flexible they are willing to be – it is important for them to not just have experience building the kind of home that you want but also being flexible with changes.

Renowned for Trustworthiness

The digital age makes it easy for homebuyers to access a plethora of customer reviews and testimonials for most custom home builders. A few clicks are all that separates you from precious background on each home builder. Those with an extensive history of happy clients will be sure to boast their testimonials on their website but websites like Houzz and HomeAdvisor also contain thousands of reviews for you to review, and Google does the same as well. Choose a builder who has earned their reputation within their community.

Customer Service First and Foremost

No new homes in Ormond Beach, FL are built overnight! It is a slow and steady process that spans several months. After all, there is no rushing custom home perfection. After you choose the best home builder for your project, you will effectively be working in tandem with them for the entire duration of the construction. Home builders that emphasize customer satisfaction will streamline the process and make it as easy on you as possible, from the design stage all the way through construction. Each question that they answer during your interview phase will speak volumes about their approach to customer service.

Easy to Reach and Happy to Help

Any custom home construction will be doomed without a constant line of communication between customer and builder. The more communication that exists throughout the process, the more likely you are to love the end result. Choose a method of communication that works best for you and the builder, whether that be phone calls, emails, or regular meetings. This way, both parties can be kept entirely in the loop and remain on the same page all the way through the home’s construction.

Having the custom home of your dreams built is not as daunting as it may seem – all it takes is the perfect home builder! Look no further than Fretwell Homes, your leading choice for home builders in Volusia County, Florida. We understand that your home is the largest investment you can make, which is why it is so important to choose a builder who you can work with and trust. Invest in Fretwell Homes for a home that’s perfect for you, simply contact us today to learn more.

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