3 Features to Include in a New Construction Home

Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 11:35AM

3 Features to Include in a New Construction Home


The best part of building your custom home is that you don't have to settle for standard amenities and finishes. After all, having a home that fits your style and matches your needs is what makes it so unique. You might not want the trendiest or flashiest options; you want features that will make your new home comfortable and convenient.

At Fretwell Homes, we consider all features when designing new homes in Ormond Beach, Florida. However, there are three features we believe that every newly constructed home should have.

1. Home Office

Over the last few years, we've learned that working full-time from your couch or kitchen table becomes uncomfortable quickly. As more people continue to work from home, having a dedicated office space is crucial, whether you're permanently working from home or just need a space for catching up.

You must consider a few key factors while designing a home office space. They include:

  • Location of the office

  • Available natural lighting

  • The view from the window


If you frequently leave the house throughout the day to attend appointments, think about setting up your office next to the garage or driveway for convenient access without disturbing the rest of the family.

2. Smart Kitchen Technology

Kitchens have always been known for technologically advanced gadgets and appliances. With the advancement of technology and the invention of smart devices, it’s not long before your kitchen will be “smart,” too.

Smart technology connects in two ways: WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi appliances connect through the internet, providing you with specific applications that you can operate remotely from your phone or tablet. This technology could let you preheat your oven before leaving the grocery store with a frozen pizza!

Bluetooth appliances communicate through ultra-high frequency radio waves. These waves transfer information that allows the equipment to work together. For example, the ventilation system might automatically turn on when the stove top burners reach a specific temperature.

Our professional home builders in Volusia County, FL, can include the most innovative kitchenware and fixtures that completely change how your kitchen works. With just a voice command or finger swipe, you can use gadgets like a smart oven or smart faucet to cook, wash, clean, and keep tabs on your family.

3. Custom Built-In Shelves

Building a custom home gives you the creative freedom to make it exactly what you want, including the shelves. You don't have to settle for typical store-bought shelving that doesn't match the overall style of your new home. Instead, work with your builder from Fretwell Homes to design shelving that complements your deĢcor.

Custom shelving looks good, doesn't require additional space, and blends with the surrounding structures. Furthermore, you might increase storage without giving up the aesthetic appeal of our home.

Expertly Designed New Homes in Ormond Beach, Florida

We can design anything you can imagine. Our skilled team will first listen to what you want in your house to build the ideal custom home for your family. Fretwell Homes can help whether you need custom shelving, a home office, or any other feature you can dream up!

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