How To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis in Your Custom Home

Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 9:05AM

How To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis in Your Custom Home

One of the biggest advantages of building your very own custom home is having the opportunity to make all your design dreams come true! At Fretwell Homes, we believe an outdoor living space is no less important than your indoor design and we incorporate your vision and preferences when building your home.

When constructing new homes in Ormond Beach, we make sure to pay special attention to what you desire from your outdoor space – whether its lush landscaping, outdoor grilling stations or a pool and deck for those hot, summer days.

Here are a few ways our team at Fretwell Homes can make your outdoor space look and feel like your very own retreat:

An Entertainment Space

Your outdoor space can very well be considered an extension of your indoor area – especially if it means having an additional area to entertain guests. Our team at Fretwell Homes can easily add an outdoor kitchen to expand your options for cooking and catering to guests and family get-togethers. Hosting Sunday brunches and evening cookouts after a day in the pool would be ideal at such a spot!

At-Home Resort

What could give your home a more resort-like feeling than a beautifully designed pool surrounded by vibrant patio furniture and shady umbrellas? Adding a pool to your home’s design is also a great way to increase the value of your property and of course, also becomes an aesthetically appealing feature to your outdoor space. The size and design can be customized according to your preferences and can provide a great opportunity for your family to enjoy outdoor time together.

Accessorize As You Please

Adding an outdoor living space to your custom-built home in Ormond Beach gives you the opportunity to have an additional area to decorate and accessorize. From lounge chairs to countertops and bar stools there are plenty of furnishing options you can add to your outdoor area. To keep it well-lit after the sun goes down, you can add string lights and outdoor lamps to the area for a calming, warm glow. Use all-weather fabric cushions and rugs to bring in more color and create a nook for towels and pool toys to make it look neat and organized.

Lush Greenery

No outdoor living space is complete without beautiful greenery and lush landscaping. Add to your home’s aesthetic appeal with plants and flowers that don’t just look beautiful but also give a refreshing feeling each time you decide to spend time outdoors. Pick options that are easy to maintain and can survive the harsh sun and heat, especially during the summer.

As the leading and most trusted home builders in Volusia County, our team at Fretwell Homes understands and appreciates the importance of a relaxing and functional outdoor living space. Share your ideas with us and we can together design and customize your dream home and turn it into a reality!

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