Smart Zoning Ideas for Your Open Floor Plan

Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 9:47AM

Smart Zoning Ideas for Your Open Floor Plan

Large, open spaces can sometimes feel very overwhelming – especially when moving into a new home and starting your décor from scratch. With open floor plans becoming increasingly popular, chances are you are probably nervous about how to make them work for you. As appealing and full of potential these may seem, if not designed creatively, they can end up feeling endless and unstructured.

This where the idea of zoning comes in. To make your open floor plan feel intimate and homey, you need to create zones within your living space. These zones can help distinguish the different rooms and areas in your home without the need for walls and barriers. Our team of builders at Fretwell Homes know how important it is for you to make your home feel inviting and organized; that’s why each project we create is distinctly designed keeping your comfort and convenience in mind.

Here are a few ideas from our experts to help you bring structure and sanity to your Ormond Beach homes through zoning:

Smart Furniture Placement

One of the most natural methods of zoning without closing off your area is through the use of furniture placement. Placing furniture without a specific plan or design in mind is going to make your living space seem like one big hallway with no structure. Use long couches or an L-shaped sofa to split an area between your living room and dining area. When you place pieces of furniture together in close proximity, an impression of structure and intimacy is created. For example, a couch and coffee table set up together will mark a living area while a desk, bookshelf, and chair placed close to each other will help you define a work or study space.

Play Around with Colors

Color plays a very prominent role in helping you define and create different moods within your living space. By keeping certain areas such as the kitchen neutral, you can make your living room or entertainment area more prominent with pops of color through textiles or an accent wall. You can also overlap colors through different zones but keeping one area brighter than the other will allow you to be able to differentiate the spaces. Keep in mind, although each zone can function as a seperate space, they are all a part of the same structure. Therefore, it is important not to get too carried away with the colors and styles because too many shades and designs can end up breaking the harmony and clashing with each other.

Use Area Rugs to Define Zones

Rugs are a great way to bring in a cozy feeling in your home as well and allow you to separate one space from another. You can use a large rug to fill the entire area of your living room to make that space more inviting and comfortable, while you can use a smaller rug or runner nearer to you entrance to mark an entry way.

However, you choose to decorate and design your Ormond Beach home, our team at Fretwell Homes is there to help you make your dream home a reality.

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