Create A Kid-Friendly Custom Home with These Simple Ideas

Thu, Oct 13, 2022 at 12:48PM

Create A Kid-Friendly Custom Home with These Simple Ideas

The most liberating feeling that comes with a custom-built home is the freedom it gives you to incorporate the unique demands of your unique family. If you have kids, their current and future needs must be considered when planning your ideal home. From the layout of the house right down to the finishes of countertops, it would be wise to visualize the day-to-day challenges of managing a house with kids and then plan as closely to that vision as possible.

At Fretwell Homes, we build custom homes that are luxurious, yet functional so that your lifestyle can be accommodated without any compromises from your end.

Here are some ways our custom build homes can cater to the needs of your family:

Open Floor Plan

An open concept is a great way to make a house feel larger and more spacious. With no walls to conceal views, the illusion of a bigger space and a flood of natural light travelling around the area helps avoid a crowded feeling, while still being in each other’s company. This is a feature that both younger and older kids will appreciate. An open floor plan that combines the living room with the kitchen brings the family together during busy mornings as well as memorable evenings of entertaining.

Jack and Jill bathroom

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a convenient solution for siblings who will be sharing a bathroom. It has two doors that open into two separate bedrooms so that occupants of each room can have their own access.

Storage Space

Kids have a lot of belongings that just seem to keep growing as they get older. Unless you play smart with storage space, your home is going to be littered with kids’ things and clutter everywhere. Built-in shelves are an excellent option to save space as well as to organize books, toys, gadgets, and other miscellaneous items. If you have young children, built-in shelves won’t pose a danger of tipping over either. Similarly, designing built-in desks in a flex study/office room will also allow you to have a dedicated space for their school and study material.

Play Area

If there’s one thing that’s imperative in kids’ lives, no matter what age they are, they need space to channel their energy and let out some steam every day. A playroom in your custom home can accommodate toys, musical instruments or arts and crafts projects. You can use multipurpose furniture in such rooms that can double as seating space as well as storage for smaller items.

Our team at Fretwell Homes has vast experience as custom home builders in Volusia County. We have planned and executed family-friendly custom home designs for very satisfied clients and look forward to designing your dream home as well. Talk to us about what’s important to you, and together we can design and build a home that suits your needs as well as accommodates the requirements of the youngest members of your family!

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