Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips for Florida Residents

Wed, Apr 17, 2024 at 4:50PM

Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips for Florida Residents

As a homebuilder here in sunny Volusia County, we at Fretwell Homes know a thing or two about the unique challenges of maintaining a home in Florida's warm and humid climate. From intense summer heat and storms to slightly milder but still humid winters, caring for your Florida home is a year-round responsibility. To help homeowners stay on top of important maintenance tasks, we've put together this handy season-by-season guide. Follow these tips to keep your home in tip-top shape all year long!


The Spring Cleaning 


Spring brings milder temperatures as we transition from the "winter" months, making it an ideal time to tackle some larger outdoor maintenance projects. At the top of the list should be inspecting your roof for any damage from winter storms and high winds. Hire a reputable roofer to make any necessary repairs before summer rain showers arrive.


Spring is also a good time to clean out gutters and downspouts that may have accumulated debris over the winter. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage on your home's exterior walls, foundations, and landscaping. While you're at it, inspect the area around the foundation for any cracks or areas where water may be pooling and address them promptly.


If you have a sprinkler system, spring is the time to test each zone and make any repairs or adjustments needed before the peak of summer's hot, dry weather. Likewise, give your lawn equipment a tune-up so it's ready for the busy mowing season ahead.


Inside the home, make a point of changing out your HVAC air filters, which likely worked overtime during the winter months. Cleaning dust from ceiling fan blades, vents, and light fixtures will help improve air quality. Spring is also a great time to wash windows inside and out for crystal clear views during the summer months.


Summertime and the Living's...Hot!


In central Florida, summer means two things: intense heat and those classic afternoon thunderstorms dropping buckets of heavy rain in short periods. Dealing with these conditions requires some special considerations from homeowners. At the top of the list is keeping your AC running like a champ. An annual tune-up from an HVAC pro can identify any issues and ensure it can keep up with summer's scorching temps.


Florida's intense summer sun can really take a toll on your home's exterior too. Do some wallet-friendly preventative maintenance by inspecting siding, trim, and painted areas for any fading, chalking or worn areas that need a fresh coat. Using high-quality paints formulated for our extreme climate can cut down on frequency between repainting. When it is time for new paint, opt for lighter colors that'll reflect more of those brutal UV rays and help keep cooling costs down.


You know what else loves our hot, humid summer air? Mold, mildew, and wood-rotting fungi! These organic nasties find plenty of opportunity to grow around the homestead, so do a perimeter check monthly for any signs and treat them ASAP before damage spreads. While you're at it, eliminate any areas of standing moisture that creates breeding grounds.   


Pay extra attention to those beloved outdoor living spaces like lanais, patios, pool areas, and decks. Give them frequent inspections and pressure washes to remove accumulated grime and growth. Check for any cracks or deterioration in weatherproofing sealants around windows, doors, and exterior openings while you're at it.


Fallin' for Cooler Days


By fall, we start to get a slight reprieve from summer's scorching conditions. Take advantage of these milder temperatures to prepare your place for the coming winter months. First up? Go ahead and inspect that roof along with siding, windows, doors, and weatherstripping. Making any small repairs now can stop moisture issues in their tracks before the cooler season's rain showers arrive.


Fall's the perfect time to have your home's exterior professionally cleaned as well. Giving everything a solid pressure wash rids your palace of winter grime and summer mildew buildup. You'll immediately notice your place looks fresh and brand spankin' new, just in time to really enjoy our region's beautiful "winter" season when you'll likely be entertaining outdoors more frequently.


Heating systems need some love too as we transition into the cooler months. Having yours inspected and serviced by a professional now ensures it's running efficiently and safely once those chillier evenings arrive.


Once we hit late fall, it's go-time for prepping lawns and gardens for their dormant winter period. Service all your lawn equipment, complete any landscape projects, and give your turf one final fertilizer treatment so it's nourished and ready to rest.


"Winter" in the Sunshine State  


Winters may be relatively mild here in Volusia County compared to up north, but we do see a boost in rainfall and the occasional crisp, cooler day. No need to totally hibernate though - just a few simple tasks will keep your place in prime form.


While the risk of turbulent storms is lower this time of year, winter is considered our "rainy season." That means more frequent showers to inspect for and repair any vulnerabilities in your roof, siding, windows, doors, weather stripping, etc. Test smoke detectors too and keep batteries on hand. 


When cooler temps do arrive, you'll likely be firing up that heating system with more regularity. Be sure to stay on top of replacing HVAC filters monthly and have the whole system inspected to ensure it's operating efficiently and safely.


The bright side of our mild winters? You've got a prime opportunity to tackle tons of bigger outdoor projects without suffering through insufferable summer heat and blinding sunshine! Things like repainting/re-staining exterior trim, doors, shutters, and exposed wood surfaces. You can re-caulk and reseal around doors, windows, and utility areas too.   


December through February is also prime time for major landscaping and replanting efforts. Any new trees, shrubs or sod you put in will have several cooler, rainier months to get fully established before spring's first blooms and summer drought.


So there you have it - a full year's worth of simple tips to keep your home's maintenance up-to-date based on each season's unique conditions here in Florida. By spacing it out across all four seasons, it's easy to get ahead of tasks and keep that pride of homeownership shining bright!


Florida may not have four dramatically distinct seasons like other parts of the country, but by following these tips each quarter, you can stay ahead of the maintenance curve and keep your home looking its best all year long! If you're in the market for a beautiful new home built for Florida's unique climate, contact Fretwell Homes today. We'll put decades of expertise to work designing and constructing your dream home with Florida living in mind.

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