5 Luxury Features That Come With Every Ormond Beach Homes From Fretwell Homes

Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 10:17AM

5 Luxury Features That Come With Every Ormond Beach Homes From Fretwell Homes

Whether you are choosing to build a home in Briargate at Hunter’s Ridge community or at your own lot in Ormond Beach, one thing you can consistently expect from Fretwell Homes is a feel of luxury. Building and owning a home is a very big milestone in one’s life and when you finally get to move in, it is only natural to look forward to an uncomplicated, convenient, and luxurious lifestyle and that is exactly what we aim to provide and successfully deliver.

Here is a list of some of the luxury features that come with every home we build:

Energy-Saving Construction

At Fretwell Homes we understand what a major investment it is to build a new home. It only makes sense then to incorporate the most up-to-date energy-saving technology in our building practices. All our homes are energy efficient BuildSmart homes, which means they are certified to be built to a higher standard of energy efficiency. This means you get to save up a large amount on energy bills and maintain a consistent quality of life with an even temperature throughout your home.

Custom Flooring Options

From a variety of floor plans to custom flooring options, the choices are endless when it comes to creating a home that looks and feels luxurious and comfortable. We understand that every homeowner has their own requirements and family dynamics, to help them find what works best for them, we provide a wide range of custom flooring options to choose from. Having choices can also be overwhelming, which is why our experts can help you determine what kind of flooring would be ideal for your home’s budget and convenience.

Lush Landscaping

What’s a beautiful home without lush landscaping surrounding it? Creating beautiful landscapes that suit your home and location is something Fretwell Homes prides itself on. Our experience and designs allow us to take advantage of your chosen space to create well-crafted landscapes that give your home an added feature of luxury and beauty.

High Ceilings

The perception of space and luxury that comes with high ceilings is something that can’t be challenged. At Fretwell Homes, our builders work to ensure that our high ceiling feature allows your home to be filled with plenty of natural sunlight and a feeling of spaciousness. Your home décor options also become very versatile with high ceilings, and you can take advantage of this feature with decorative lighting and art installments that’ll compliment your structure.

Outdoor Living Space
Owning a home in Ormond Beach becomes even more special when you have an outdoor living space to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of your location. At Fretwell Homes, our diverse range of outdoor living space designs ensures you have a comfortable place to enjoy the weather and nature outside through the comfort of your own home.

Talk to us at Fretwell Homes and have a look at our designs and homes to see for yourself how our luxury features can enhance the beauty and comfort of your future living space.


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