How To Create The Perfect Kitchen In New Ormond Beach Homes

Wed, Jun 01, 2022 at 10:35AM

How To Create The Perfect Kitchen In New Ormond Beach Homes

A kitchen is often known as the anchor or the heart of the home. A space where everyone begins their day together — and gathers around before ending it, too. It’s no surprise, then, when designing it perfectly becomes a priority for most new homeowners. At Fretwell Homes, our experience has taught us the importance of blending style and functionality when designing an ideal kitchen in our Ormond Beach homes, whether it’s at Briargate at Hunter’s Ridge community or at a client’s own lot.

A multifunctional space

Although the purpose of a kitchen is to provide you with a space to prepare and cook meals, we all know it ends up doing a lot more than that. A smart, beautifully designed kitchen doesn’t just give you an area to make and store food but also gives you room to entertain guests, spend leisure time with your family, and complete other tasks during the day.

And because it serves as such a versatile space, a kitchen doesn’t just need to look bright and beautiful, but also be functional and practical. The traffic flow, natural lighting, counterspace requirements, and room for appliances must all be kept in mind when designing the ideal kitchen for your new custom built home — and our builders and designers know just how to do that!

Premium features for a luxurious kitchen

All custom built homes created by Fretwell Homes include several luxurious features — two of those being a diverse range of options for premium countertops and flooring. Given the dynamics of your family and your vision for your kitchen, our team will happily go over the various choices you have for your countertops and flooring so that you are satisfied with the finished look for your most important area. These decisions can sometimes be quite overwhelming, though, and if you aren’t sure what is most practical (and would best match the rest of the décor in your home), our experienced builders can help you make selections based on your vision for your kitchen.

A layout that flows with the rest of your home

A kitchen layout has to be designed keeping several aspects in mind: how much space you need for storage and food prep, how many appliances you plan to install and what kind of seating, if any, you want in the area. Whether it’s an island, a counter with bar stools tucked under, or a mix of open shelving and cabinets that you require, our builders at Fretwell Homes consider all your needs when finalizing the layout and design for your kitchen.

If you are looking for home builders in Volusia County, call us now at Fretwell Homes to see some of our designs and learn more about our team and building process! We believe that effective communication and a shared desire to create the perfect home is a great way to establish a relationship with our clients.

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