Make the Most of Lanais When You Move into New Homes in Ormond Beach FL

Thu, May 06, 2021 at 1:31PM

Make the Most of Lanais When You Move into New Homes in Ormond Beach FL

For those moving to Florida from other regions of the country, the lanai may be an alien concept. Originally coming from Hawaii, lanais have become a staple of homes in Ormond Beach because they enable homeowners to connect with nature and enhance quality of life – both of which are especially possible in our incredible coastal community. If you have been dreaming of the ultimate outdoor space for meditation or socializing, read on to learn why a lanai is the perfect feature for your new home in Volusia County.

An all-in-one space

Lanais are one of the latest additions to the family of outdoor spaces that we are all familiar with: patios, porches, verandas, and balconies included. Though they are different, they incorporate many of the features that define each of its predecessors. For example, lanais are covered like a porch or veranda and are often elevated like a balcony, though they remain on the ground floor. Lanais can vary dramatically in size and purpose, making them a flexible fit for many homes.

Why they got their popularity

Traditionally, lanais are most often used at the beginning and ending of days, fostering a sense of peace with the natural world. Even in corners of the world far away from Hawaii, some homeowners see the priceless benefits of a space where they can remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of life and simply commune with nature. Though lanais in Hunter’s Ridge Ormond Beach may not look exactly like those in the Pacific, they still serve the same purpose.

Develop your green thumb

Besides being the perfect outdoor hangout spot for your family and friends, a lanai can also serve as the ideal spot for an outdoor garden! This is especially true when it comes to plants that only require partial sunlight. By adding your hand-selected herbs, flowers, and more, your lanai will be boosted by that lush and natural atmosphere.

Find your getaway from the world

With such immediate proximity to the outdoors, lanais are also the perfect space to use as your very own meditation den. Comfortable furniture and intimate lighting are all it takes to create the appropriate vibe before you attempt to relax and explore yourself. With a lanai, you have your go-to spot for reading a book in peace, grooving to your favorite tunes, meditating, and anything else – right on nature’s doorstep.

Invite everyone over for a party

Speaking of lighting, lanais make it easy to hang up your favorite string lights, creating a cozy atmosphere for your next get-together with friends! Plus, the protection from the sun makes lanais a good location to keep drinks cold and guests comfortable. Stock up the cooler, bring out the hors d’oeuvres, and share that lanai with all your favorite people! This intimate space will quickly become everyone’s favorite entertainment spot.

Given that homes in Ormond Beach enjoy mild weather year-round, lanais will never go out of season. If this incredible home feature has been missing from your life, don’t miss out any longer and contact Fretwell Homes! Our homes are constructed with lanais so that our homeowners can make the most of Florida’s beautiful climate whenever they so choose without compromising comfort. Don’t wait any longer to find the home of your dreams – as leading custom home builders in Volusia County, FL, we’ve got the perfect fit for you!


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