3 Ways to Incorporate a Personal Touch In Your New Home in Ormond Beach

Tue, Nov 22, 2022 at 12:00PM

3 Ways to Incorporate a Personal Touch In Your New Home in Ormond Beach

A custom home is an expression of yourself. The ability to choose details that reflect your lifestyle today and accommodate your family’s needs in the future is an empowering feeling.


But building a custom house from start to finish comes with a myriad of heavy decisions that can get overwhelming. At Fretwell Homes, we have made the process of custom home building exceedingly simple and cost effective, so that you can focus on characteristics of the house that are unique to your family and personal style.


Here are some customizable features you can completely undertake according to your liking:


Kitchen Features


There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. The significance of a good kitchen design built with quality material can’t be overstated. In other words, don’t skimp on this area of the house. It has to endure innumerable footsteps, spills, and the abrasiveness of cleaning solutions every day. Choose flooring and counter tops that can withstand all this while still appearing sophisticated.


Along with being crucial for storage, kitchen cabinets play an important role in the aesthetics of your kitchen as well. Spending more on cabinetry that is made with durable materials is worth it in the long run.


Kitchens islands are also reflective of your family’s needs, now and in the future. Aside from food prep, islands are a pivotal point, used for storage, dining, entertaining, and even homework. Fretwell Homes offers you premium countertops and designs to choose from so that along with being completely functional, this area of your home exudes luxury as well.


Flooring Options


As mentioned earlier, flooring is such an important aspect of your home – from the minute you walk inside, the appearance of your home is greatly dependent on what kind of flooring you choose. With so much to available today, there is no dearth of options. Vinyl, hardwood, and tiles are all wonderful options and have many sub-categories you can choose from as well, depending on what would suit your household and family’s dynamics.


Lush Landscaping


Fretwell Homes also pays special attention to landscaping designs for new homes in Ormond Beach. As a custom home owner, you probably care just as much about how your new home looks from outside, as it does from inside. If you have a certain design in mind for how you picture your landscaping or what all you want incorporated in it, share your ideas with our professional team of custom home builders and they will make sure to sculpt your landscape into something that fills your heart with pride and joy as you make your way towards your home or peer through the windows while sitting inside.


There are several other ways you can bring your own personal touch to your custom home design. Speak to your trusted builders at Fretwell Homes and share your vision with us so together we can create something that is no less than the house of your dreams!

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