What First-Time Home Buyers Should Know About Building A Custom Home

Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 5:15PM

What First-Time Home Buyers Should Know About Building A Custom Home

Building a custom home can be a dream come true for most first-time home buyers. The excitement of owning a completely new home where you have a say in the building process is unmatched. That said, it can also get overwhelming as there are so many more decisions involved along with the most important choice to make..

If you are about to become first-time homebuyers of a custom-built home in Ormond Beach, here are a few things to know before you start the process.

Trust Your Builder

Once you think you have found the right builder who can share your vision and understands your requirements, you should feel confident in trusting them.

Professional builders, like Fretwell Homes, are able to navigate the journey and help you understand the process, so while they will always welcome open communication and site visits – your involvement should first start with trust.

You Will Need to Secure a Home Loan

Builders usually have a list of lenders that they can share with you, but you are also free to choose your own. You should take the time to see what options you have and what terms and services they are offering. Once you are comfortable with the choice you have made, you can proceed to secure your home loan for the building process to begin. Lenders will require a contract to proceed.

Make Decisions Ahead of Time

This is one of the toughest and most overlooked areas of building a custom home. From electrical outlets to landscaping, it’s impossible to think of it all. But don’t worry, we know what we are doing and with our experiences we are here to help guide you through the process and make suggestions along the way. Fretwell Homes has many different plans that you can start with, to get ideas and to help get a general idea of what your family needs are. We can then customize them from there or start from scratch. In all cases, you are free to discuss options to customize these plans so that we can fulfill whatever requirements you have for your living space.

Try to have your ideas listed in advance so that you don’t need to stop mid-way regarding a change in requirement or design idea. The same goes for upgrades. Budget are set during the construction contract. If you require upgrades, those options will be discussed prior to and included in your budget.

Keep Your Deadlines Flexible

It’s important to remember that delays can occur. Whether these are caused by the weather, construction material delivery delays, or loan installment delays, sometimes deadlines need to be pushed. Trust Fretwell Homes to do their best and don’t worry too much if the process gets slightly delayed at times.

Our team of expert home builders in Ormond Beach understands the importance of a transparent relationship with a home buyer and makes sure to answer every question that they have. Whether you hire us to build on your own lot or in Briargate at Hunter’s Ridge community, our designs and professionalism will ensure the whole process remains smooth and professional.

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